Meeting up with Families

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There are lots of ways to get to know families at St Andrew the Great. If you want to meet more of them, then you could try the 10am service. If you want to help them out, then consider volunteering at crèche during that service.

For your time at uni we also try to link students up more formally with some non-student members of the church family – whether that’s a family or a group of housemates. Twice a year we have 'Link-Up Lunch' on a Sunday which is a great time for students to go round for lunch and get to know a non-student family/household better and stay in contact throughout the year.

Anna Robson"In Cambridge it's very easy to get caught up in the 'student bubble' and forget that normal life is still going on outside it! Link up lunch is a great way to get to know members of StAG who we wouldn't meet otherwise. It's really refreshing and encouraging to meet Christians from all walks of life and also have a delicious meal cooked for us for free!"


Anna Robson, a Natsci at Jesus College

The next Link up lunch will be happening on Sunday 14th May
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