Great Escapes 

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The Great Escapes are our fun-packed students getaway in a country house in Norfolk. They're a brilliant chance to make new friends, deepen existing friendships, and get to know some of the older members of the congregation better.

There's loads of time to kick-back and relax after a long term: play some sport, go for country walks, get stuck into the wide game, read the papers, be entertained in the evenings and eat lots of food! Each year we go in depth into a book of the Bible and a relevant topic and there’s lots of time to chat with each other about things we’re learning – a great way to finish off the term!

Charlie Robinson Small"Great Escapes was a great chance to get to know people that I normally see for only a few hours each week and to look at a much bigger topic than we would have had time for in a student lunch. I enjoyed looking at a Bible overview; thinking about the story of the Bible as a whole helped me to understand where we fit into God's amazing plan. Spending time in a small group at the end of each day was a great way to ensure that I had understood everything and to encourage, and be encouraged by, other Christians."

Charlie Robinson, a 3rd year Mathmo at Queens College.

To book your place on the 2017 Great Escapes please complete the form below. The cost, including travel, is £90 (£80 if you book before Christmas), but subsidies are available upon request.


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Great Escapes 1 (17th - 20th March)

Great Escapes 2 (20th - 23rd March)


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