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As a large church, one of the best ways of getting involved and meeting others is by joining a small group. Homegroups are small groups for men and women who meet weekly to read God's word together, pray and support each other through good times and bad. They have become an integral part of the ministry at St Andrew the Great, and an invaluable encouragement for those who go. Groups meet in members' homes all over Cambridge on Wednesday evenings from 8.00pm.

In the Autumn we will be studying John 13-16, Jesus and his friends. Jesus spends the final night before his death telling the disciples what life will look like when he is gone. Wonderfully, there will be much to encourage us - the work of the Spirit, the lasting legacy of the apostles' witness to Jesus, the intimate relationship between Jesus and his followers. But there will also be some more sobering lessons too, notably the fact that Jesus warned of hostility from the world. But we're to take heart because Jesus has told us these things so that in him we might have peace (John 16:33).

For further details on when the homegroups are meeting please see the church calendar, and for more information, including how to join a homegroup please contact the church office.