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Sing for joy! 

Psalm 95:1: “Come let us sing for joy to the Lord, let us shout aloud to the rock of our salvation”

We will be thinking about Psalm 95 this Sunday for our All Age Service. I always feel the last Sunday in August is quite an important Sunday, as children prepare to go back to school a week or so later, some adults go to new studies and jobs, and some people arrive in Cambridge and our church for the first time.

If you are new to Cambridge and hunting for a church, we hope this website will give you more information about us and what we stand for. But the best way to find out is to meet us on a Sunday! So come along and join all ages gathering together to hear God’s word, encourage one another and sing God’s praises this Sunday. You would be most welcome, whether you haven’t stepped foot in a church for years, or if you have been a follower of Jesus Christ for many years.

This Sunday we will certainly be singing for joy as this Psalm commands us to do. It’s a Psalm which connects God’s praises with God’s character. He is great, the Rock, the great King, the Creator of the whole universe. You might like to listen to this Seeds of Worship video for a wonderful version of the Psalm which will help you remember the words as well.  

But be ready for a challenge as well. This Psalm that is full of worship is also full of warning too- let’s make sure we listen to God’s voice this year, and are putting his word into practice. It’s no good filling brains and notebooks with Bible truth if they don’t get put into practice- we don’t want to build our house on sand!

Charlie Newcombe


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