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Using your summer holidays for the gospel







Summer camps are Christian activity holidays for teenagers and pre-teens. They are between a week and ten days of amazing fun, showing the campers how amazing Jesus is, with loads of awesome activities and crazy games. These holidays need people like you to make them run. 

Leaders help to look after a small group of children or young people for the week, having fun with them and teaching them about Christ.
Assistant Leaders
Assistant leaders make camp happen by doing the practical tasks. They also do Bible studies together, receive training, hear great talks and make great friends!
Are you happy in a kitchen? Can you chop carrots? Would you like a week of good teaching and spiritual encouragement? Summer camps need you!

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Cambridge International Outreach (CIO) is a hugely exciting chance to reach out to the thousands of English language students from all over the world who flood into Cambridge over the summer. The aim of the outreach is to build genuine friendships with international students and sensitively offer them the chance to hear about the Christian faith. The team runs Andy's Cafe´ each evening, where there are activities and an optional Bible study for those interested. Various activities (from volleyball to museum visits) take place in the afternoons, and mornings are for team training on a whole range of cross-cultural issues and Bible study. All of this is made possible by a multi-national team who give two weeks of their summers making friends, sharing Jesus and opening up the Bible with people, sometimes for their first time!

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