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The Ensemble in the Round is a group of musicians who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of their lives, and who desire to use their musical gifts to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Twice a year, the Ensemble puts on a concert of classical music and talks, exploring the fascinating intersection of art, music and the gospel.

The Ensemble was founded, and is led, by violinist Annette Armitage, with the aim of encouraging Christian musicians in Cambridge and inspiring audiences to consider God through words and music.  Other members of the Ensemble include string, woodwind and brass players, as well as choral singers from St Andrew the Great and other churches in Cambridge.

The Round Church provides the Ensemble with a unique and intimate setting in which to perform a mainly but, not exclusively, Baroque repertoire. The architecture of the Round prevents the full ensemble from being seen by the audience, thus turning the focus away from the musicians and prompting listeners to consider the Creator God, through whose gift the music is being performed.

If you are interested either in joining the Ensemble or being kept informed of future Ensemble events, please click here.