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Based on Psalm 27

Words and music by Doug Regehr

Verse 1:
The Lord is my salvation,
A sanctuary from the foe,
A light that drives away the dark of night.
Though war break out against me,
I will not lose my confidence,
Though armies beyond number circle me.

Lord, lift me higher,
Set my feet upon a rock.
Lord, lift me higher,
Higher, higher.

Verse 2:
I ask the Lord for one thing:
That I might see Him face to face,
And in his presence dwell for all my days,
To seek you in your temple,
To gaze upon your beauty, Lord,
And sing to you as long as I shall live.


Verse 3:
Though others may forsake me,
None are as faithful as the Lord,
I need not fear, His love will never fail.
And I will wait upon Him,
Remaining confident of this:
His goodness will be with me ’til the end.


© 2017 Doug Regehr
Please ask before using this song at your church, we'd love to hear from you!

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