We will be looking for Ministry Interns to join the team at St Andrew the Great for one or two years from August 2021. 

Applicants need to be eager to serve humbly, demonstrate a good grasp of Christian truth and knowledge of the Bible, model Christian living, and have a genuine interest in exploring whether full-time Christian ministry is for them. Full information can be found lower down this page.

Applications are not yet open.
About our church

St Andrew the Great (StAG) is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Cambridge. We have a thriving congregation including many students, internationals and 20-30s. Our vision is “The Gospel for Cambridge, Gospel Workers for the World.”

About the internship

There are three main components to the year:
training, ministry and service.

1. Training
  • TEAM

    Interns spend a day a week at the Training for East Anglia Ministry course. This focuses on helping people understand and teach the Bible and spends time looking at a broad spectrum of Christian ministry including areas like counselling, evangelism, mission and youth work. The course is taught through a mix of lectures, discussions and small group work.
  • Christopher Ash

    Christopher is our in-house Ministry Trainer. He is currently writer in residence at Tyndale House, and has had lots of experience teaching on the Proclamation Trust Cornhill Training Course, and written a number of books.
  • Lunch with Alasdair Paine

    During term time Interns join our vicar Alasdair each week for lunch to discuss his upcoming sermon. This is a great opportunity to learn about the work that goes in to preparing a sermon as well as giving you the opportunity to ask questions, and provide input.
  • Mentor

    Each Intern will have a ministry supervisor, with whom they choose a book to read or a personal study project to work on.
  • Conference

    All Interns attend the 9:38 Maximise Conference, free of charge.
2. Ministry
There are also lots of opportunities for gospel ministry. Each Ministry Intern is assigned a major and a minor ministry area, and will be able to try out giving talks and leading Bible studies, doing evangelism, children or youth work, as meeting individuals in a one to one relationship for pastoral care and discipleship.
  • Major Ministry

    This might be involvement in a regular small group ministry like Focus (undergraduates), iHUB (internationals), or HUB (20-30s).
  • Minor Ministry

    This is a chance to get experience of a different area of church life, like Pathfinders youth group (11-14s) or a Sunday morning children’s group.
  • Other opportunities

    There a many other informal opportunities to do ministry at StAG events and elsewhere. This might involve Occasional Preaching at a smaller local church or a college chapel, giving a talk to older people at Wednesday Outlook, engaging with non-Christians at Big Questions (the Cambridge Christian Union's weekly apologetics talks) being a CU Guest or leading evangelistic talks and Bible studies.
3. Service
A crucial element of the Ministry Intern Year is to support the practical aspects of the church’s activities.
  • Main responsibility

    Each Intern will have a main area of practical responsibility, like ordering supplies, AV/Tech, or being responsible for the upkeep of the kitchen.
  • Set-ups

    Once a day there’s a buildings set-up for the whole Intern team, to clear up after one event and prepare the church building for the next.
  • Other areas of service

    Interns will also usually serve at a mid-week crèche and there are a few other practical tasks that happen outside of term-time.
The nitty-gritty

Each Intern is given a grant to cover living costs, and accommodation is provided free of charge. We do not expect our Interns to need to raise their own funds.