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Three of Jesus’s parables which bring out God’s biggest surprise: his grace.
Famed as the mightiest (and muscliest) man in the Bible, the story of Samson’s remarkable life will challenge us about the nature of true strength and true rescue.?
Christopher Ash helps us behold Luke's unveiling of the most remarkable man in history.
INTERNATIONAL GUEST SERVICE 2019 Graham Daniels unpacks the most momentous invitation in the universe.
Big talks on the big issues of today
End-of-year talks on the theme of radical discipleship.
Future planning Jesus's way.
Following God as he raises up not the hero that Israel deserves, but the one that it needs.
A one-off sermon for Giving Sunday, Christopher Ash explores one of the most extraordinary promises of Jesus.
Alasdair Paine leads us in taking fresh look at a problem we rarely think about.
Looking at what the Bible says about when life gets tricky
Talks from recent Student Lunches
Glen Scrivener opens up the book of 1 Peter, exploring what it means for us today to be evangelist elect exiles.
In a world claiming to know best about relationships, Alasdair Paine opens up 1 Corinthians 7 which has a better story to tell. (Preached June 2013)
Why be a Christian if it means your life gets worse? Paul writes to a brand new church in a city that’s out to get them with startling words of comfort.
Alasdair Paine explores five great statements about the gospel from Paul’s letter to the Romans that will invigorate us and possibly surprise us too!
Why Easter Day gives Christians rock-solid assurance.
Mark tells the story of the most remarkable 24 hours in history.
Three psalms connected by a thread of praise.
Alasdair Paine shows us how the Bible, despite its size and span of history, fits together as God's one great story.
Robbie Strachan opens up Leviticus, showing how it deepens our understanding of the cross.
GUEST SERVICE • Craig Larner explains why the Transfiguration means we can't ignore Jesus
Talks by John Hindley from the 20s-30s Weekend Away 2019
Robbie Strachan helps us to dig into the book of Proverbs to hear how the precious wisdom of God impacts every corner of our lives.
Alasdair Paine opens up the book of Deuteronomy, where God reveals his compelling character through his Law.
Tom Hutchings on how Amos's stark warning has a message for us today
Thinking afresh how we can all play our part as members of the St Andrew the Great Church family.
Journeying through the New Testament, marvelling at the wonder of Christmas.