Please find below a list of church leaders and staff members. To contact a member of staff you can click on the links below, or phone the church office (01223 518218).


Alasdair Paine  
Alasdair Paine  

City members

Craig Larner Sarah Robinson
Craig Larner, Youth worker Sarah Robinson, Women's worker
Tom Hutchings  
Tom Hutchings, Associate vicar for families  


Alex Weston Ben Shires
Alex Weston, Student pastor Ben Shires, Student worker
James Taylor Lauren Moate
James Taylor, Student worker Lauren Moate, Student worker
Nic Ross robbie photo
Nic Ross, Student worker Robbie Strachan, Students curate


James Steer Ruby Lu
James Steer, Internationals pastor Ruby Lu, Internationals worker

20s and 30s (HUB)

Charlie Newcombe Vic Ritchie
Charlie Newcombe, Associate vicar for 20s and 30s Vic Ritchie, 20s and 30s pastor


Matt MacGregor  
Matt MacGregor, Music director  



Danno C Ash
Graham Daniels, Associate evangelist Christopher Ash, Ministry trainer


Peter Robinson Rachel Foley
Peter Robinson, Treasurer Rachel Foley, Administrator
Tom Beaumont  
Tom Beaumont, Church manager  

Church Apprentices

Charlie Robinson David Clarkson
Charlie Robinson David Clarkson
David Sydenham Eden Hildreth
David Sydenham Eden Hildreth


Matthew Byattt James Hay
Matthew Byatt James Hay
Piyush Jani  
Piyush Jani