HUB is St Andrew the Great's network of activities for those in their 20s and 30s. The core aspect each week (aside from Sunday services of course!) is HUB Central which happens on Wednesday evenings during term time. We meet in the church building from 7-9pm, with a chance to socialise over a meal, followed by a short talk, small group Bible study and prayer. We hope it offers an easy way into a large and active church.


This term at HUB Central

We're going to be looking at Genesis, chapters 1-4. As the opening chapters of the Bible, they explain much about the human experience: where we come from, what makes us distinctive and, most importantly, how our relationship with God began and how it went wrong. We'll be learning about how Genesis makes sense of the world around us and how it points towards Jesus Christ as our much-needed saviour. 

Come and join us! If you'd like to join us then get in touch or just turn up on a Wednesday night from 7pm – click here for details of our programme for the term.


Members of HUB also meet for monthly social events - keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more details, or on some Sunday evenings as part of HUB-extra groups for those who want to dig deeper into the Bible and Christian doctrine.


Bookings are now open for the HUB weekend away: book your place here!

Go to our church calendar for dates of upcoming events, and if you have any more questions please contact Craig Larner or Vic Ritchie.

If you’re new to Cambridge and have decided to make StAG your church then join our 20s-30s Facebook group (“HUB 2018-19”) to find out about everything that's going on.