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Our Vision

Our vision can be summarised by this slogan: “The gospel to Cambridge, and gospel workers to the world.

The gospel to Cambridge

We long for people in our city to hear the momentous news of peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to make this known, and also, as a church, to grow in our knowledge of Christ, that we may live usefully and joyfully for him.

Gospel workers to the world

Our particular location, in the middle of a city in which many are here for a few years before moving on, gives us an unusual opportunity to serve other churches and the work of Christ all over the world. We hope to provide faithful and excellent Bible teaching and training so that many will be built up in Christ and, when they leave us, they can use their particular gifts to serve his people and his gospel in Cambridge, the UK and all over the world.

To achieve this, in God’s strength, we have the following commitments:

1) We are committed to the Bible and to prayer.


2) We are committed to a specific mission, to the academic communities in which we are placed (but we are a "normal church" as well as a student church).


3) We are committed to mature discipleship for every member.


Our History

Our logo shows two church buildings: the Round Church and St Andrew the Great.

For over 800 years our congregation met at the Round Church, just half a mile north of St Andrew the Great. From the middle years of the twentieth century onwards, God caused the church to grow, with a strong emphasis on Bible teaching ministry, both to students and townspeople.

By the early 1990s pressure of numbers was such that the congregation could no longer fit in the Round Church and an alternative venue was sought. In God's goodness the St Andrew the Great building, which was vacant, became available, and the congregation gave the funds to renovate it, including putting in the gallery, baptistery and rooms at the back. We moved in to the new building in 1994, and ever since then have been "The Round Church at St Andrew the Great".

The story of this, including further growth impacting other churches in Cambridge, is told in Persistently Preaching Christ (available from

The Round Church remains our building, used by us occasionally, and leased to our friends at Christian Heritage, who run an exhibition and training courses there.

We are part of the Ely Diocese of the Church of England and have, since 2016, had additional oversight from Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidstone. This article explains.  We are, together with many other local churches, Anglican and free, members of the East Anglia Gospel Partnership.  We are also thankful for links, with a great number of churches all over the world where our alumni now belong and serve.