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Within the graduate community at St Andrew the Great you'll find a diverse group of people from all over the world; MPhil, PhD, PGCE and post-doc students and visiting scholars; single and married (including spouses of postgrads). If you're new, we'd love to get to know you: come and connect with others at our Postgrad Welcome Evening on October 10th. We'll introduce you to other grads in the church family and then, in groups of 6, you can go out for dinner together in the city centre and find out more about the church, Cambridge and each other. Sign up here.

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Whether you're a committed Christian seeking to grow as a follower of Christ during your time in Cambridge, or someone looking into the Christian faith, you're very welcome! 

Postgrads join with others in their 20s-30s for weekly small groups to eat together, get to know one another and encourage each other to know Christ and live for him as we discuss the Bible and pray. You can choose between joining HUB or iHUB. We also sometimes hold special events for postgrads to meet with senior academics in the church family and learn from them how to follow Christ and witness for him in an academic environment.

We also frequently put on a course exploring Christianity called Arena. Over five weeks, in an informal setting, we examine the evidence for the historical Jesus and debate major philosophical and religious questions. It's a great introduction if you're just looking into Christianity.


Sign up for Postgrad welcome evening on Sunday 10th October

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