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Here are a selection of articles covering a range of topical issues about the Christian faith.

One of Jesus’ most famous miracles is the feeding of the five thousand. It stuck deeply in the minds of all who saw it. It is recorded in all four gospels. But what’s the relevance of the story to us?
When facing a problem which feels out of control, many people pray. But there are two problems with this...
The idea that somehow God should choose those who are to be His, which comes in Romans, Ephesians and elsewhere, raises questions. Isn’t it we who choose God? Isn't that unfair? How do we make sense of this?
Why did Paul write Romans? There is a vital answer everywhere in the text; yet, for some reason, is not spotted in many major commentaries...
Why would anyone be against women bishops in the Church of England? Why be the intransigent, awkward squad? This short briefing seeks to answer such questions from the point of view of those of us who have reservations.