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Here are a selection of articles covering a range of topical issues about the Christian faith.


Why Romans?

Why did Paul write Romans? There is an answer to that question which makes luminous sense of the letter, and which shows why Romans is so vital to our churches today. It is everywhere in the text; yet, for some reason, is not spotted in many major commentaries....

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Women overseers: Q and A

Why would anyone be against women bishops in the Church of England? Why be the intransigent, awkward squad? For one thing, reservations about women becoming bishops seem ludicrous. We have a woman prime minister; our Sovereign is a woman; women lead in many areas of national life. Moreover, don’t these concerns seem especially indefensible in the Christian church, concerned for justice and fairness? Doesn’t this view denigrate many outstanding women in our Church? And, of course, the debate has dragged on: don’t we want it over and done with?

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God choosing us

The idea that somehow God should choose those who are to be His, which comes in Romans, Ephesians and elsewhere, raises questions. Isn’t it we who choose God? And at first sight it seems unfair. Yet it comes in the Bible many times and is a strong theme in our Lord Jesus’ teaching in John 6 (for instance, verses 37 and 44). How, then, are we to make sense of this?

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The secret of prayer

“Please pray for me!”, “God, if you’re there, help!”

When facing a problem which feels out of control, many people pray. It is almost an instinct in us - and it’s a good instinct, for the Bible says a lot about prayer, and makes many wonderful promises. But before we see what those are, we must honestly face a couple of problems.

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Bread of life

One of Jesus’ most famous miracles is the feeding of the five thousand. It stuck deeply in the minds of all who saw it. It is recorded in all four gospels. But what’s the relevance of the story to us?

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