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 Recent sermon series:

What does it look like to worship God acceptably, with reverence and awe, on a Monday morning and a Saturday night?
We watch God in action as he shows us what he's like, reveals his character, and gives the world an explanation of his name
Far from home in an alien land, Daniel and his friends are confronted by what looks like absolute power. But they know who the real king is, and they show us how to live for him.
Considering how we can all play our part in the mission of the church
Listen to recordings of this year's Christmas carol services.
The Lord Jesus teaches us about his return: what to expect and how to be ready
Paul shows that Christians must understand who they are and how they're to live only in Christ, as he is enough.
Talks from recent Student Lunches
The two sermons preached at Mission Sunday 2017
Song of Songs is a beautiful picture of God's gift of sex, expressed in the right context, pointing to so much more.
How do we cry good tears... especially when the mess is our fault? Lamentations shows us how.
The journey to God's "Promised Land" takes us through many ups and downs of life. These Psalms will show us how to pray as we travel.
We follow Paul through his trial in Jerusalem and learn about the work and power of the risen Christ.
Paul shows some implications of the gospel of grace for our lives as individuals, in church and in wider society.