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Sign up before midnight on Thursday via the links below to attend in-person at our 10.00am, 11.45am and 5.00pm services.  The church office will send out confirmation emails on Friday and make sure you know if you have a seat or not for the upcoming Sunday.

From 6th June, Creche and Scramblers will be restarting Please see below for more information.

If you normally attend the 10am service and do not have children aged 3-11, please consider coming to the 11.45am service instead to ease the burden on the 10am service.

We’ve been working hard to ensure that we’re compliant with both the government’s and the Church of England’s guidelines so that the building is safe for a reduced number of us to gather on a Sunday during lockdown.

If you are not able to make it into church, or do not yet feel comfortable joining a larger gathering, please feel no pressure to attend. We will continue to livestream for some time to come so you won’t be missing out.

Please do not attend an in-person church service if you are experiencing any known symptoms of Covid-19.


Here’s what to expect as you attend one of our services:



Face coverings are currently mandatory on public transport and in a range of indoor venues including places of worship. While there are exemptions (those leading the service, children under 11, etc.) this is a legal requirement, and we ask that you wear a face covering when attending services at St Andrew the Great. For more information see the Church of England's guidance. We will have some disposable masks available upon arrival for those who wish to use them. 

Hand Sanitiser

Upon arrival we encourage everyone to use the hand sanitiser which will be available.

One-way system

We are operating a one-way system in the auditorium and the balcony, which is clearly signposted.


You are able to take a StAG Bible if you’d like to, but this must be returned to the box marked ‘Quarantined Bibles’ at the end of the service. Any leaflets/service sheets will be single use, and should be disposed of after use.

Social distancing & seating arrangements

You must observe current social distancing guidelines at all times in the church building, staying at least 2 metres away from anyone outside of your household or support bubble and not socialising. On arrival, you will be shown to your pre-allocated seat by the Welcome Team and we ask that you remain in that seat unless you need to use the toilet. We have removed rows of chairs to make this possible, and we ask that a gap of 4 chairs is left empty between household groups.  

Children's Groups

We are currently able to run two Children's Groups each week at the 10am for children aged 5-10 years old.  We know that not everyone will be able to come in person, so the children's ministry team will continue to prepare online resources for you to use with your children, which will be available on the StAG livestream page as usual. 

Creche will start from Sunday 6th June in the Woodard and Houghton Room.  A limited number of sanitized toys will be available, but we would encourage parents to bring a few additional of their own.

Scramblers (3-4 yr olds) will also be starting on Sunday 6th June and meeting in the garden! Here's a message from Matthew Kinton to explain more about that…

For feeding mums, the Ringing Room will be available with an audio relay of the service.

We will continue to revise our plans in line with any further guidance from the Church of England or the government.

Youth Groups

Pathfinders (school years 7-9) will continue to run on Friday evenings and Travs (school years 10+) will continue on Sunday evenings, both online. Get in touch with our Youth Worker James Townsend for more details.


Sadly, we’re unable to sing together. We encourage you to sing in your hearts.


We clean toilets, and surfaces in the church between services on a Sunday.

After the services

We are encouraging people to leave the building promptly. The welcome team will dismiss everyone area by area, so please wait in your seat until someone indicates that it is your row's turn to leave.  Please leave straight away when you are asked to do so. Once you leave the building, our formal church gathering is over and we’re not responsible for your conduct.
Please click here to view the risk assessment

Please click here to view the Church of England's latest guidance

Please click here to view the Government's latest guidance
Louise Gilmore, 01/02/2021