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Now that we’re allowed to resume church services, we’re excited to welcome a small congregation in the building whilst we continue to film the livestream services. 


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We’ve been working hard to ensure that we’re compliant with both the government’s and the Church of England’s guidelines so that the building is safe for church members and so that we can feel as comfortable as possible about meeting each other again. 

If you are not able to make it into church, or do not yet feel comfortable joining a larger gathering, please feel no pressure to attend. We will continue to livestream for some time to come so you won’t be missing out.

Despite all this, we’re so thankful to God for being able to begin to meet again after all this time!

Here’s what to expect as you attend one of our services:



We ask for sign-ups and contact details in advance (click here for the form) so that we can limit the number of people attending, and so that we can assist 'track and trace' if necessary. We aim to invite each person/household to at least one service per month, depending on your availability. We’ll do our best to accommodate any changes you may have to your availability after filling out the form, and we also may end up inviting people at the last minute if spaces become available.

We’ll ask that people arrive at least twenty minutes before the start of the service in order to prepare for the livestream filming, and you may end up on camera if the livestream uses shots of the congregation.


The Church of England strongly advise that face coverings should be worn by all those attending a place of worship, remembering that they are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus COVID-19. Staff and welcome team will be following this advice, however this is not compulsory, and we leave it as a matter of freedom. We will have some disposable masks available upon arrival for those who wish to use them. Please note that this guidance is likely to change on 8 August.

Hand Sanitiser

Upon arrival we encourage everyone to use the hand sanitiser which will be available.

One-way system

We are operating a one-way system in the auditorium and the balcony, which is clearly signposted, and shown on the following map (link forthcoming).


You are able to take a StAG Bible if you’d like to, but this must be returned to the box marked ‘Quarantined Bibles’ at the end of the service. Any leaflets/service sheets will be single use, and should be disposed of after use.

Social distancing

We ask people to observe current social distancing guidelines at all other times, in particular trying to stay at least 2 metres away from anyone outside of your household or support bubble. We have removed rows of chairs to make this possible, and we ask that a gap of 4 chairs is left empty between household groups.


We are unfortunately not able to run any groups for children at the moment. The Ringing Room will be available for feeding mothers and infants. The Cook Room will be available for toddlers under the supervision of their parents. We are sadly not allowed to provide toys to play with, though you may bring your own. Both rooms have sound relays of the service.

We recognise that this makes church a difficult place to bring a family at the moment, and we are working hard on finding the best solution for the autumn. Through the month of September, we plan to run All-Age services at the 10:00am Service on 6th, 13th and 20th September.


We will keep doors and windows open throughout the service to increase air-flow.


Sadly, we’re unable to sing together. We encourage you to sing in your hearts, perhaps mouthing the words or humming along quietly.


We clean toilets, and surfaces in the church between services on a Sunday.

Christ’s Pieces

We are encouraging people to leave the building promptly, but we are able to congregate together on Christ’s Pieces after the service.
Currently, this gathering must not exceed 30 people. If we are more than 30 we will split into smaller gatherings which must not mix. Please remember that social distancing guidelines should be followed: that is, conversations should happen in a group no larger than two households or six people.

Please click here to view the risk assessment

Please click here to view the Church of England's latest guidance

Please click here to view the Government's latest guidance

If you would like to come...

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