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Join us online as we explore the hope Jesus offers to a locked down world.

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Monday 6th July • 8.00pm

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How does Christianity radically transform love? Join as author and Yale English graduate Rachel Gilson tells her story.
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We had lots of questions from the church family in response to this talk about dealing with depression as a Christian, and helping others who are struggling. Here are some resources which we hope will help in providing some answers and additional help, but please do also talk with others in the church family for more personal support:
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Does the Bible tell a reliable story? Can we trust anything that Jesus says? Watch this interview withone the top experts on the New Testament, Dr Peter Williams
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Is the life of celebrity the ultimate way of life? Watch our interview with Warren Furman (aka Ace from ITV's Gladiators) as he shares his story.
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Watch again our interview and Q&A with Professor John Lennox, author of Where is God in a coronavirus world? 
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How could God allow COVID-19? Can I trust the Bible? Is Christianity arrogant? Hasn't science disproved faith?

Watch again the Q&A with Rebecca McLaughlin, author of Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World's largest religion
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Church for anyone, and everyone. An informal service with music, prayers and a talk exploring the essence of the Christian faith.
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A midwife, a GP and a surgeon share their thoughts on the first Good Friday, and how events 2000 years ago remain relevant in the age of coronavirus.
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St Andrew the Great's Easter Sunday Evening Service. The difference of resurrection to a coronavirus world. With guest speaker Glen Scrivener.
Look for hope Blogs and videos to help us find hope during these difficult days as we live in lockdown and battle Covid-19.